03-24-2023 List of today's changes:
  • Three NEW character bios added to the Characters page!! Go check 'em out!
  • It's been a little while!!!! Home page is still being sorted...!
01-12-2022 List of today's changes:
  • Main page is still being worked on! Apologies for the wait, everyone!
  • Switched the button for tamagotchi-land's website to the updated image. So cute!!
27-11-2022 List of today's changes:
  • In the process of revamping the home page. Please be patient!
  • Restored the landing page's music, as the original link to the .mp3 file had its URL changed.
20-11-2022 List of today's changes:
  • Updated website favicon! Originally a representation of Sakuramotchi's blossom on her head (with a tiny little heart in the top-left corner), the favicon has since been updated to match Mimitchi's teleportation key, a relatively-important item in-universe.
08-11-2022 List of today's changes:
  • Changed the colour of the character button backgrounds from a pale yellow to a pale pinkish-purplish shade to provide easier contrast. As the monitor used to draw the assets for this site doesn't have the most accurate colour display, making oversaturated colours harder to spot unless viewed from a different device, testing is in process for Nyatchi and Uramametchi's colour palettes.
  • Update: Lowered Nyatchi's saturation in her character button and key artwork by -15%. Other parts of the website featuring her art are unaffected.
05-11-2022 List of today's changes:
  • Navbar overhaul: Redrew the buttons for the pages listed, and changed their shapes from rectangles to circles. This not only better matches the aesthetic of the site (the character page having circular buttons prior), but will also prevent the navigation bar from extending further than neccessary on smaller screen sizes. While this website is built for 1920x1080 res, if the possibility for better accessibility is there you may as well take it.
  • Drew up a star-spangled, colourfully-blue background for the navbar instead of the plain yellow shade it was prior, and extended it from 150px to 170px to fit the new buttons. Button sizes were additionally reduced in tandem.
  • Updates page text colour was changed from white to the same shade of pink seen across the website's other pages and fonts.
04-11-2022 List of today's changes:
  • Redid the shading for Nyatchi, Uramametchi and Sakuramotchi's key artworks, and uploaded them onto their respective character pages. All artworks had their shading opacity readjusted, and certain parts of their body's shading redone and redrawn in order to gain a better sense of lighting. Much nicer to look at!
  • Additionally: Lengthened Uramametchi's ears in the key art.
  • Updated the music on Mikachu's page (higher quality ver. from the Japan-exclusive Connection Shop sequel).
  • Changed the music on the Mailbox page to match the other pages (had a song from Tamagotchi: Party On!, while the others have songs selected from the Mario Artist N64 games).
03-11-2022 List of today's changes:
  • Changelog established. Previous updates to the site have unfortunately not been recorded, but for comparison's sake there were 1,571 total updates recorded as of writing.
  • The header and title of the Updates page has been changed from "Updates and Blog" to just "Updates".
  • Every character bio has been updated. Go take a look!
  • Created Mikachu's character page.
  • Updated some of the music on the main pages.
  • Body/paragraph font was changed from Finale Copyist Text Ext to Tekton Pro.
  • Added credit for website code + added button linking to tamagotchi-land to index page. Thanks Gray!
  • Site is still titled "cool tamagotchi fancomic coming soon..."
13-10-2022 WEBSITE WAS CREATED! What a day that was. Originally titled "wicked tamagotchi fancomic coming soon...".