tamagotchi planet

What's Happening to Tamagotchi Planet?!

"My invention's ruined, there's earthquakes every day, what could possibly be worse?!"

"Definitely that ominous cloud in the sky."

Out in the not-so-far reaches of space spins a world of adorable alien critters. They live their lives happy and peaceful, under the watchful eye of the Tamagotchi King and even the planet itself.

But something's gone wrong - suddenly, Tamagotchi Planet is under the effect of devastating earthquakes that are unpredictable and dangerous. And, without warning, five certain Tamagotchis are whisked away off the surface, flung all the way to a planet these cute creatures never thought they'd see with their own eyes: Earth!

With a little help from a late and great scientist's dedicated assistant, alongside the unique personalities of the Tamagotchi world, it's up to Pochitchi, Mimitchi, Nyatchi, Uramametchi and Sakuramotchi to see it through that they get back home safely...

...even if they have to (accidentally) make contact with a species the King has strictly forbidden interaction with.

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