A large-scale artwork depicting a yellow anthropomorphic dog named Pochitchi.


The leader of the bunch. You may know them well.

A calm, level-headed pup who excels in making friends and keeping them. They've got an encouraging spirit and an undying loyalty streak. In times of high distress - including, quite possibly, times where you're stranded on an entirely different planet -, Pochitchi makes for a reliable lead and a good room-reader. They are prone to emotional outbursts, however, if things get too overwhelming.

Pochitchi is longtime friends with Mimitchi and Nyatchi - they've known Mimitchi, specifically, since they were both Shirobabytchis. Pochitchi also shares a few traits with "dogs" from the Earth, though they can be embarrassed about these howling-at-the-moon and throw-a-bone-and-they'll-catch-it instincts. On a related note, they garden in their spare time, and love to cultivate all the plants they find around their area. Expect to find them in their front yard with a sunhat on and a watering can in hand!

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