A large-scale artwork depicting a white anthropomorphic rabbit with blue ears named Mimitchi.


From carpenting to inventing, Mimitchi's physicality goes hand-in-hand with her smarts.

A hard worker who genuinely loves her craft. Stress does not stop her - in fact, Mimitchi thrives under pressure. Reliable and able to cook anything up in a reasonable amount of time, the only thing stopping her from being so popular is her lackluster social skills. Unless it's likely to be a space alien (of which she fantasizes to meet), she usually needs help being introduced to those not among her friends. Once a friend, always a friend, however - and Mimitchi is no slouch when it comes to investing herself in the people she loves.

Mimitchi also works as scientific advisor alongside the team of Royal Scientists down at the Gotchi King's castle, and originally did so as a hobby. Lately, Mimitchi's been studying the earthquakes affecting Tamagotchi Planet, though many of her inventions so far haven't been able to properly chart them.

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