A large-scale artwork depicting a chibi-like, stylized angel with a chestnut-shaped head, a halo that's slightly wonky, and a pair of fluffy wings on their back named Kuriten.


Coming in from the great beyond, it's a tama reborn to spread love!

Kuriten, known as "chestnut angel" by some, is a chipper little tamagotchi angel that comes from Tenshitchi Capital, a place in the sky (literally) where all tamagotchi can choose to go to when they pass away. Angel tamas start off as tiny spirits, and will grow into newer, bigger forms with good behaviour and lots of candy! Kuriten is a bit of a newbie angel despite being all grown up, but their determination to become the greatest angel of all is more than enough to keep their spirit high!

Kuriten is very skilled with their heart-shaped bow and and arrow, but their naivety needs a bit of work. On the night a group of tamagotchis on Tamagotchi Planet get transported to Earth, Kuriten hears the distress of the tamas below, and decides to lend their help to a duo of Royal Advisors willing to go after the stranded group of 'gotchis...!

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